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A horse's tale - (although Pinocchio is no longer with us this story is. This page has been left to let you know how the property owners treated an old horse with their simple 'don't care' attitude.)

Hi, I'm Pinocchio


I've made Finnon my home for more years than most humans can remember.  I'm in my 30s now and as a senior citizen have to speak my mind.

Years ago


a nice human built my small shelter.  Someplace to help myself and my food stay dry.  This good natured fellow supplemented my natural foods which in the winter months was not always available.  Thanks Bill C. for your kindness. This photo shows my shelter in 2017 with the roof being damaged.

In 2017


my small shelter began to show more signs of age after being there for the past 18 years.  I hoped that my horse blog, posted on this website earlier this year, would bring notice to Finnon's administrators to see my plight.  One neighborhood human asked them only to receive a rude reply.

Now, in 2018


my home keeps getting worse,

and worse -


The roof is almost all gone.  No longer a shelter.  No place to keep my food dry.

Greener pastures -


are what I hope for, but won't find them here.  I'm old, have problems with my rear legs, and may not make it through another cold, shelter-less winter. After I'm gone will be the time I find greener pastures, far away from here.

My weather beaten and aged shelter lies on private property so without permission there is nothing to be done for it.  The Finnon Lake property administrators were asked by a local resident if something could be done.  In essence f... the horse was the reply given back that filtered back to my human typist.   What a sad, sad group!  One last thing - not one single penny you may spend camping at Finnon will be spent to assist me.

They give great pleasure on their website letting folks know theirs is the 'official' site for Finnon.  This website's reply to that is it is so glad not to be associated with that group.  Why?  Click HERE.

Help can be free --


You can help feed other animals for FREE -

Click on the photo and .6 of a bowl will go to help a needy animal.  Maybe bookmark the page that opens in your browser - that way you can help every day.