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How to find Finnon

Mosquito Bridge, American River.

Mosquito Road - the bridge route:

Take the Mosquito Rd. route to go over the bridge (NO TRAILERS / RVs ALLOWED they just won't fit on the bridge, and can't make the switchbacks). From Sacramento go east on US 50. Take the Broadway exit in Placerville. (if coming from the east side of Placerville on US 50 then take the Mosquito Rd exit) Stay to the right onto Broadway for about 200 feet. At the stop sign turn right, you'll be on Mosquito Rd. The road goes under the freeway and about 100 feet past the under-crossing turn left, you'll still be on Mosquito Rd. Approximately 2 miles from that turn there will be a sign indicating Mosquito Rd veers to the left. If you miss that turn you'll be on Union Ridge Rd, so turn around. Stay on Mosquito Rd for about 3 miles (after crossing the bridge) till you get to Mosquito Cutoff Rd, turn left onto Mosquito Cutoff Rd. Stay on that road till you get to Rock Creek Rd. then turn right onto Rock Creek Rd. Go about 100 yards and you'll see the sign for the campgrounds, turn into the Cafe's parking lot, follow the directions on the sign which is at the left side of the cafe if it is closed.


Rock Creek Road, for trailers and RVs:

Whether east or west bound on US 50 go to the State Highway 49 turn off of US 50. If you're driving east bound (from Sacramento) turn left, and driving west bound turn right. Highway 49 is also named Spring Street in Placerville. Stay on Highway 49 for about 1 mile, look for the sign for State Highway 193, turn right onto 193. Stay on 193 for about 3 miles and keep an eye open for the Rock Creek Road turn off sign. Turn right onto Rock Creek Road, go about ten miles, you'll see a Cafe, turn into the parking lot, and follow the instructions on the sign which is on the left side of the cafe.

NOTE - the county has recently (early 2013) trimmed brush and overhanging tree branches on Rock Creek Road which is good for your RV, or high profile vehicle - Thank You El Dorado County D.O.T.


Want a sneak peak

of the routes?  Google maps has done their street view mapping for both routes.  For the Mosquito bridge route click HERE.  The Trailer / RV Rock Creek Road route click HERE.