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Camping @ finnon

Camping at Finnon


Finnon has a limited amount of campsites.  Some accommodate vehicles, trailers or RVs.  Some are for tents only.  Most campsites are near the lake. At the time of this writing the restroom facilities were not yet ADA compliant.  Located in the campground area are fresh water spigots.  BBQs are at the campsites as well as burn rings at most sites.  Always, always, always be careful with fire!

Fishing / Boating


Fishing is allowed, but it is catch and release, no barbed hooks, and lures only.  Kayaking, boating, and sail-boating (small) are all permissible; however, no motors are allowed.  Unknown if this includes electric motors.

To view rates and reservations click HERE.

Alternatives ?


As this area is literally right next door to the national forest there are many places to choose from.  Finnon is OK, but maybe a very large lake is what you want, or fishing for fish you can keep, or boating with a motor.  For other possibilities click HERE.

Directions to Finnon


There are two routes to take from Placerville, CA to get to Finnon.  One is only for cars or pickups (without trailers!), and the other for trailers or RVs.  To see which is best for you click HERE.

and as an FYI


The campgrounds are near the Eldorado National Forest, so yes, there are your typical creatures here.  Fox, coyote, geese, bears, cougar, deer,

rattlesnakes, tarantulas to name some, All make the area their home as well.  Always be aware of your surroundings!

(Photo courtesy of the National Park Service - https://www.nps.gov/media/photo/gallery.htm?id=F2A12E7F-155D-451F-679DDC3CE3B7367E )

Additional things to do nearby -


We've made a small list of things nearby that could make interesting side trips while you visit the area.  To check them out click HERE.

Forecast for Finnon


Click the icon for weather at Finnon.  The forecast is from the National Weather Service tailored for the Finnon Lake location.                                                                                                                                        

Camp Fire Tips


Click the icon for Cal-Fire campfire safety tips.  Fire safety should be a primary concern for everyone, especially in forest settings.

Archived video of Finnon's dam replacement


It took months to replace, but see it in just over 8 minutes by clicking the icon then scroll to the bottom of that page.