is the longest published website regarding Finnon!

Welcome to Finnon Lake

Welcome to Finnon Lake

Welcome to Finnon LakeWelcome to Finnon LakeWelcome to Finnon Lake

We've been gone for a few months due to a website hack.  We're revamping, but please start looking.

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2020 @ Finnon Lake

our Eleventh year -

Thanks to all our visitors for making this our eleventh year on the web.  We've undergone some changes over the years, yet providing information regarding Finnon and area interests has always remained.  

Sadly 2020 has not been a cloud buster for rain or snow.  As we say goodbye to standard time and the days grow longer we need folks to know that the water levels haven't been the best.  If water levels do not increase soon then that may cause a higher water temperatures at the lake.  Higher water temperatures along with extended sunshine times could lead to blossoming of algal growth.  If that occurs then that may affect the quality of swimming, fishing, and camping for the spring and summer months.

Hopefully a couple of rain months remain before late springtime, so lets keep our fingers crossed.

High water, 2017; ©

High water, 2017; ©

Pinocchio, longest resident at Finnon Lake.

First things first

Over the ten plus years this website

has been published we always acknowledged our four legged friend - Pinocchio.  An old feral horse, possibly a rescue from the BLM, abandoned decades ago by some uncaring human.  Pinocchio finally made Finnon Lake his home.  Twenty years ago a neighbor to the Finnon Lake property asked their permission to build a small stall for Pinocchio, a name that no one knows how he acquired it.  When new tenants purchased the 'next to Finnon' property they took it upon themselves to keep an eye on the old fella and fed, and watered, him daily for almost 13 years.  Always, and wisely, shy of humans Pinocchio never came closer than an arms length away.  He was a constant at the lake, and dubbed the lake's longest tenant.  He passed away in April of 2019.  His age was estimated to be near 35 years old, which in human terms made him right around 100.  Greener pastures to you, old guy, greener pastures!                       (photo above ©    

OK - enough reminiscing

how about some directions?  Where is Finnon Lake, how do you get there, what's there when you do arrive.